Welcome all to the Klechevsky Family presence on the internet.

As you all know, a webpage is constantly a work in progress. Right now, you will get to meet five Klechevsky Family members. While there are many more in the world, gathering information on each will be a slow process.

At present, you will be able to meet part of the US Klechevskys as well as the Israel Klechevskys:

Each one of us will have a small webpage dedicated to information related to each of us. We encourage other members of the family to contribute information so we can have this webpage grow to something more...

If you would like to contact us in order to add content to the page, please email webmaster@klechevsky.com. Please include your name, date of birth, and familial relations to this group of Klechevsky's.

Thank you all for your cooperation, and we hope to be hearing from you!

WEBMAIL! Check your webmail here. Don't forget your username is username@klechevsky.com and the password is what you set up.